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Sales & Service of Industrial Valves & Automation
Industrial Valves & Automation from Corrosion Fluid Products Corp.
Click Here to Request a Quote or More Information Corrosion Fluid Products Corp. has demonstrated its expertise for years in Chemical-Resistant Valves and Actuated Valve Packages. We keep a large inventory of Valves, in stock, ready to assemble and ship. Our ten branches provide networking leverage to get your Valve Automation Packages at lightning speed!

We supply and service Valves & Actuated Valve Packages in Michigan (MI), Ohio (OH), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Pennsylvania (PA), Iowa (IA), Kentucky (KY), West Virginia (WV), Wisconsin (WI) and surrounding states.

Valve & Automation Manufacturers represented include:
Flowserve, Durco, Worcester (Wooster), Atomac Lined Valves, PureFlex Composite Valves, Newmans, Pratt Industrial, Hills McCanna, Delta Industrial, Kitz, Velan, Perrin, ABZ Valve, Ultraflo, Gemu, Nibco, Orbinox, Asahi, Crane, Quality Controls, Inc. (QCI), Powell & More!
Quarter-Turn Valves Inventory
Supplied by Corrosion Fluid Products Corp.

Plug Valves
Our selection of Flowserve Durco plug valves includes the Mach 1 High Performance Plug Valves, T-4E Lined Plug Valves, G4 Sleeveline, G4B Marathon, and TSG4 Severe Service Valves.

View Our Plug Valves & Automation Inventory
Plug Valve Repairs

Multi-Turn Valves Inventory
Supplied by Corrosion Fluid Products Corp.

Clamp and Pinch Valves
Clamp and pinch valves supplied include Crane Resistoflex PTFE Clamp Valves and General Rubber's Flex-Valve® Pinch Valves.

View Our Clamp and Pinch Valves & Automation Inventory
Clamp and Pinch Valve Repairs

Diaphragm Valves
Diaphragm valve manufacturers include Gemu, Crane Resistoflex, Hills McCanna, Asahi, and Nibco.

View Our Diaphragm Valves & Automation Inventory
Diaphragm Valve Repairs

Check Valves
Check valve types include: Lined, Ball, Flapper, Swing, Poppet, Lift, Butterfly, Wafer & More.

Check valve manufacturers supplied include: PureFlex, Flowserve, Kitz, Crane, & more.

View Our Check Valves Inventory
Check Valve Repairs

Emergency Shut-Off Valve Closure Systems
Supplied by Corrosion Fluid Products Corp.