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Total Pump Solutions - Pump Accessories & More
Pump Inventory
We can supply you with pumps to meet your industrial and processing needs. We also make skid mounted system designs, custom made for your facility and can repair any pump you are having trouble with. Our inventory contains all types of Flowserve pumps as well as Sundyne and Milton Roy pumps, OTS, Pioneer and Graco pumps, GPM, Dorr-Oliver, FTi, Blackmer pumps and more.

Pump Manufacturers Represented:

Flowserve, Durco, Sundyne, Ansimag, HMD/KONTRO, Nikkiso, Fristam, Pioneer, Ramparts, GPM, Ampco, Finish Thompson (FTI), Gorman-Rupp, Top Line, Graco, Milton Roy, Dorr-Oliver, Landia Chopper Pumps, Warren Rupp, Sandpiper, Flowtech & More!

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Pump Motors
It is estimated that over 50% of the pumps in operation are oversized, meaning the motors are also oversized. Discharge valves are then throttled to adjust and meet the operating hydraulic conditions. The unfortunate results are over-payment for the larger motor and wasted energy, not to mention poor performance and downtime due to frequent pump and seal repairs.

Corrosion Fluid Products Corp. sales professionals can assist you in making the best pump selection for maximum performance and minimal energy consumption. Let our sales engineers guide you in selecting the right pump and motor for you application.

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Flowserve IPS Beacon™ Condition Monitor - Vibration and Temperature Monitoring

The Flowserve IPS Beacon is a data acquisition, logging and visual alert device that monitors process pump health, checking power-end vibration and temperature against pre-set limits.

It is estimated that less than 10% of all pump failures are attributable to normal bearing wear and fatigue, meaning nearly all bearing failures are avoidable. The IPS Beacon condition monitor simply and effectively provides an early warning of potential pump problems, enabling a proactive response to help extend L-10 bearing life to the ISO/ASME "design rating" and beyond.

Straightforward Visual Alert
The Beacon features a system of LED indicator lights that allow operators to quickly ascertain overall pump health at a glance. A blinking green LED indicates normal operation, while a red LED indicates a current alert condition. If an alert condition occurs only sporadically, the Beacon is also programmed to indicate past alert conditions that may have been missed by operators, even if the current condition is normal.

User Configurable and Expansion Capability
With the addition of the optional USB docking device, end users are able to customize each IPS Beacon for a specific application. Using the docking device and the PC-based software, alarm levels for vibration and temperature can be adjusted as required and the battery voltage checked.

To further extend its monitoring capabilities, Flowserve also offers the optional Take-away Memory Module (TAM) for the Beacon. The TAM stores the time-stamped temperature and vibration measurements from the Beacon, providing the user with up to one year of data points. All state of health data can be downloaded to a PC for later evaluation using the USB docking device.

Remote Monitoring Option
The IPS Beacon is designed so that it can be transformed from a local monitoring and alert system by integrating into an IPS Wireless Series 103 multi-point device. With this integration, the IPS Beacon sensor data can be sent "wirelessly," allowing the user instant access to information without having to be at the pump.

The connection of the IPS Beacon to one of the IPS Wireless Series 103 ports allows up to four additional monitoring points through the four remaining ports (e.g., temperature, pressure, etc.) to be monitored.

A local wireless network is provided through the IPS Wireless repeater, receiver/interface systems. Integration of wireless data and information is seamless to either a local monitoring system or the Flowserve Technology Advantage Platform. Through the platform, the customer can gain access to Flowserve technical experts who also have access to the information. Flowserve personnel can assist plant operations in building custom performance monitoring solutions or with the identification of cost-effective corrective measures. The result is extended Mean Time Between Failure of the customer’s equipment.

Download Flowserve IPS Beacon™ Condition Monitor Brochure

Availability: MI, IA, IL, IN, WI

Pump Mechanical Seals
Flowserve Flow Solutions provides a wide range of products and services designed to improve the reliability of pumps, compressors, mixers and other rotating equipment. Flow Solutions products are marketed under the following well-known product names: BW Seals®, Pac-Seal®, Durametallic®, Five Star Seal®, Pacific Wietz™, and GASPAC®.

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Pump Power Monitors
Power monitors is one form of effective pump protection. They can be configured to prevent failures due to run dry, running below minimum flow, pump over load and cavitation. A power monitor can be used to alarm or shut down the pump if it operates for longer than a pre-set time in an overload or under load situation.

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Pump Base Plate & Polyshield Systems
Benefits of pre-cast pump Flowserve Base Plate and Foundation Systems: Polymer mix technology provides improved reliability and lower cost in harsh industrial environments. With its unique design, this is a better solution over metal base plates and concrete foundations.
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  • This unit offers quick and easy installation in 1 to 2 days
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Reduced life cycle cost due to its vibration dampening and low maintenance features.
Standard Baseplate Flowserve Polyshield System


Samiflex Couplings provide the reliability of high performance polyurethane together with a convenient wrap-around design. The coupling uses a flexible elastic element and is commonly applied in ANSI type equipment. The elastic insert is manufactured from a polyurethane compound manufactured to best meet the characteristics of a high performance elastic coupling.


Pump Connectors
Pump connectors are constructed from a multi-ply stainless steel bellows with Plate Steel 150 lb flat-faced flanges or Carbon Steel Male NPT ends.

They are specially designed to replace single arch rubber connectors. Some of the expansion joint types in a standard program are: Exhaust Expansion Joints in steel, Pressure Expansion Joints in steel, Fabric Expansion Joints, Rubber Expansion Joints, Axial Expansion Joints and more.

Stainless Steel Pump Connectors
Available Threaded Sizes:
Available Flanged Sizes:
Pipe Size
Model #
Overall Length
Pipe Size
Model #
Overall Length

**Custom sizes also available


Bearing Isolator Seals
Bearing Seals are available in many configurations. They improve the performance and life of a bearing by limiting the ingress of foreign materials such as oil, dirt, and water. There are many types of bearing seals based on the application requirements, and can be made from many different types of metal and rubber materials based on the application requirements.


Skid Mount Systems
We can build the Skid Mount system you need. Big or small, your design or ours, we can save you time and money. Building equipment off site saves you a lot!

You will save on insurance costs, reduce down time disruptions in production and clean-up.

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