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Customer Testimonials for Corrosion Fluid Products Corp.
Thank you for visiting our Testimonials Page. We at Corrosion Fluid Products appreciate all the positive feedback given to us by our customers, and invite you to browse both our video and written testimonials below. If you would like to comment on the service you have received, please click on the Contact Us link to share your experience.

Also, you may fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey to tell us about your experience with Corrosion.

Video Testimonials
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Video Testimonial
(Video may take longer to load on slower connections)

Gulf Oil Video Testimonial for CF PUMPSERVE, Our Pump Repair Division
(Video may take longer to load on slower connections)

Written Testimonials from Our Customers
Thanks Ralph we did receive the seal kit – Thanks for all of your support this weekend regarding the issues we had with the cracked seals.


Tony F.
Bar Line Maintenance Planner

Thank you so much for hunting this down. As Paul mentioned when he phoned, Hecnuel was trying to source this valve and was running into nothing but voice mail and dead ends. Paul always speaks highly of you and I know why. I am awaiting confirmation from the Project Manager if this will be an Abbott purchase of if our General Contractor will purchase this valve. I’ll have direction by Monday.

Thanks again for all your help,

Chris J.
Project Engineering

Thanks for the quick quote. One question. I just want to make sure that this is a "fully lined" valve? This valve is replacing a sleeve lined valve that was eaten through on liquid side.. I am just making sure. Thanks again for the quick response. It is a pleasure working with a vendor that actually wants to execute some tasks.

Jim L.

You are so Awesome! If there is anyone I can send an email to and let them know what an awesome person they have representing their company please let me know.

Pam R.
Left pump at bench for Dave and Gary to put back to stock tomorrow.

Thanks to John Pesek for another repair in record time!!

Randy K.
Rotating Equipment Specialist

Thank you again for all your help on getting this screen ordered, fabricated, shipped, across customs, and to the plant in a ridiculously short amount of time. As always you and Ralph have come through for me.

Blanca S.
Process Engineer
(Adam & Dave)

Gentlemen, the two pumps just arrived at our facility and are in the process of being installed, I just wanted to thank both of you for all the help in getting these pumps for me on short notice.

Thanks again,

Dave S.
Maintenance Supervisor

No problem. You really go the extra mile and I think that helps distinguish a good foundation and commitment towards our company that others may not value or realize the cost savings. Enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas…

Bruce W.
Controls Engineer

Thank you so much for our much needed emergency delivery of Fibercast pipe fittings. To call you a valued supplier would be making an absurd understatement.

Thanks again,

Mike M.
Maintenance Planner
You have defined role model Customer Service for me. The training was excellent. You put a lot of time and effort into this. It was noticed and appreciated by me and many others. I have heard excellent feedback from my team….and that’s not an easy team. They are not used to sitting in a classroom setting for 2 days but you and your team made it interactive. I hope we can repeat this again in the future. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough... have a great Holiday, Ralph !!!!

Jim M.
Plant Director
Michael, I want to thank your crew for the fine job they performed on our Flowserve/Ingersoll Rand impeller assembly. The rebuild went extremely smooth, The pump ran as good as new with great discharge pressure, no vibration of any kind, we are pleased with the outcome because of your Quality workmanship.

Thanks A Million!

Bob S.

Happy Friday to you. I wanted to thank you again for the training session this week. One of the guys commented that it was probably the best training session he has ever had.

Tony S.
Continuous Improvement Specialist
Dear Ralph,

Thank you for your continued support. I appreciate your rapid progress more than anything else. Let us know the bottom line. We will turn the Purchase Order ASAP.

Mike B.
Just some feedback on the thermocouples. So far they are working out great. Installation was much easier than our previous product which was the main reason I asked for what I did. I currently have one installed on each of my EAFs and as my others ones fail I will install yours. Thanks for your help.

Rob K.
EAF Senior Electrical Tech
Craig – Thank you very much. Great customer service in Cleveland! Not many people will take the extra steps to help out like that anymore…

Christine S.
MRO Buyer
Thanks for the extra effort to resolve our issues with the K326 AnsiMag pump that we encountered. From troubleshooting, to procurement, working off-schedule to assuring us a trouble-free pump upon installation. The pump is in the process of being installed as I type. One day ahead of schedule.


Mike M.
Maintenance Planner
I've had the pleasure of only using your company twice and each time Craig Horn has assisted me.

Each time he has been so knowledgable about the product I was looking for and so patient with my lack of knowledge.

When I've spoken to him, he made me feel like a long time valued customer and in these times that's rare.

I talked to various vendors all day every day and when someone sticks out like Craig Horn I take the time to ensure that everyone knows.

Thanks and keep up the good work. You have a great employee there.

Dawn S.
Hello Roger,

The diaphragm pump has been installed and works excellent! We reduced the time required to fill one resin pressure vessel from about 40 to 45 minutes down to 5 to 6 minutes depending on the quantity of parts inside the vessel. Excellent work in sizing the pump. I thought the flow rate was a bit high at first but after running the system the flow rate is pretty much perfect for the process.

Terry R.
Process Engineer

I am one of your customers in Ashtabula, Ohio. I would like to commend the work of Connie Seiler and JR Rogers on fulfilling an order that is part of a critically timed project for my company. In effect, they ensured that an order from Smith Fibercast would arrive on time to be included in our shutdown next week. I want you to know that I appreciate doing business with Corrosion Fluid, and in particular the members of your Cleveland branch in North Canton.

Thanks again for the work that Connie and JR did in getting this order accomplished!

Scott W., CMRP
Maintenance Engineer
I appreciate your prompt response to this issue, and working with the customer to address their requirements. In addition, your attention to detail may have saved the customer some unnecessary down time.

David H.
To: Ralph Russotto
From: Peter M.

I would like to thank you and your staff for the support over the years at our facility. Pump repairs were completed on time and within budget to keep our operations running without interruption. Corrosion Fluid has been instrumental working directly with manufactures to get one of a kind part for some of our specialized equipment at our location. Also, I’d like to Thank you for your quick response for trouble shooting issues we had, like the GamaJet project for sanitizing our spray dryers. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the group.

In closing, I hope to continue working with Corrosion Fluid in the future.

Peter M.
Pilot Plant Services Supervisor

Thanks for the tremendous effort you put in to make the workshop such a success. The quality of the vendor reps was excellent.


Scott P.

Facilities Engineering Services
Scott, I wanted to say thank you for your help on getting our process up and running. The plug valve and spool piece works great and it was even more help that you dropped them off. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Thanks again,

Tim M.
To: Purchasing Department

Mr. Ralph Russotto, Sales Engineer for PureServe Systems a Division of Corrosion Fluid Products, has been a provider for parts and maintenance support for the Research and Development Pilot Plant, and Culture Plant. PureServe Systems supplies Building Operations with various sanitary valves, fittings, mix tanks, HTST systems, Heating/Cooling equipment, and steam fitting and culinary systems.

In addition to being a parts and equipment supplier, they provide the necessary resources to build new product systems and perform the necessary installation. They also make on-site visits for repairs and /or modifications. PureServe provides in-house training for the department on topics such as steam applications, trouble shooting and sanitary design.

We have a very good working relationship with Ralph for many years. He is very customer-focused and he and his company go above and beyond. Since our department was out sourced we are working with limited resource and knowing that we can call on Ralph, especially in an emergency situation, assures we can get the job done.


Ellsworth G.
Maintenance Engineer Coordinator

From my experience, I must characterize this firm as very responsive and customer-focused. If I am unable to contact Ralph directly, he will call back quickly, and then he and his team will act quickly, recognizing our sense of urgency. My needs are always met, whether I have purchased standard items, purchased slightly modified items, requested custom services/assemblies, or just have a need for information. If there has ever been a problem or a change in our need, Ralph and Corrosion Fluid Products respond and resolve, showing me that the solution and satisfied customer are their goal.

As you can see from the lines above, I never have a doubt about the service I will receive.

Please contact me with any questions.


Don G.
Project Engineer
Hi John,

My sincere thanks for following up on this order. I’m so swamped right now it could have been another month before I would have realized that this one had slipped between the cracks.

Thanks again, let’s stay on top of these and make sure we can deliver in October.

Ben C., CPSM
MRO & Capital Sourcing Manager

Thank you for the support this week! We got everything installed in-time, including emergency PTFE parts that we could not plan for. You met our needs 100% and it is very much appreciated. These emergency shutdowns are killing me but you always make my job a lot easier!


Charlie C.
Maintenance/Reliability Engineer
..No, "thank you" Linda!!!!

You and your company are so great to work with, I wish it were this easy with all our suppliers.

Ruth Ann K.
Thank you so much ladies. Everything was perfect and came in just in time for us to complete our work. It’s people such as yourselves that inspire and motivate others to give a little bit more of themselves. Once again, thank you, thank you, Thank You!

Rafael R.

I sincerely apologize for distracting you from your daughter's softball tournament today.
The valve arrived before 10am and has been installed by our mechanics.
I cannot thank you and your team enough for your level of performance, work ethic and customer support.
Thank You Again!


David M.
Maintenance Supervisor
Chris and CFPC,

Thanks for your support. Our plant set a yearly production record today with a week of production left this fiscal year. 2,107,000 tons and increasing.

Rob K.
EAF Senior Electrical Tech
I think we need to give a special thanks to Julie for hanging with us through this process. We had a lot of material to get ordered – thanks Julie.

Jameson M.
Commodity Buyer
Thanks Jim, I received excellent service and support from Paula Brozovic and you as always.

Paul K.
Engineering Technician
Mr. McAneny,

On behalf of Jay and myself, thank you for getting us the qoute for the poly lined pipe so quickly and helping us get our proposal to our client in time. Not only that, thank you for helping us with the questions we had and information you passed on to us... We look forward to doing business with you folks. Thanks again.

Lt. Ryan M.
Director of Hard Security

The valves are here. The Corrosion Fluid Products Team comes through again. Thanks for the help.

Ray S.
Engineering Manager
The support Kirk Starn provided has helped us get the existing installation into testing so there is no need to ship the parts in an expedited fashion...

...Please accept my thanks for working so hard to support us through the course of this project. Kirk's help on Friday was timely, thorough, and has likely helped us avoid big problems going forward.

Loren K.
Project Manager

I would like to extend a very big THANK YOU to you and the entire Corrosion Fluid team. You were a tremendous help the past 10 days and our shutdown went well even though we had very tight deadlines.

Thanks again. The hard work by you and everyone at Corrosion is extremely appreciated.

Best regards,

The Chloride Recovery Staff

Thanks for the prompt visit today. I can always count on you !!!

Randy K.
Rotating Equipment Specialist
Response from customers about Gamajet's Nanojet Tank Cleaning/Washing Spray Devices:
We tested the NanoJet on Saturday and the results were outstanding. The inside of the bowl was completely clean, and there was no product at all on the float, which means there was no shadowing effect.

This is extremely exciting! This will have a very favorable impact on our efficiencies!

…The preliminary results were outstanding, I hope next week goes just as well.
Hi Ted,

Just wanted you to know back on Friday 1/7/11 we had a gentleman from your company (Forest Rutherford) come out and check some pump alignments. I thought he really did a good job and a very good inspection report based on this finding. Hope you keep this gentlemen around because I'm sure we will need his services again in the near future.

Larry D.
BF Maintenance

I just wanted to thank you guys for the extremely quick delivery on the TopLine valves. They were in my plant at 10am. They are already installed. Thanks again and have a safe and Happy New Year.

Brian U.
Maintenance Planner / Supervisor

I meant to drop you a line to thank you for your perseverance (in a good way) to help our business. Thanks for being consistent in finding out our needs and meeting them or suggesting different solutions, whether the matter was small or large. So far, so good. The added plus is that you are knowledgeable about how systems work, not just picking something out of a catalog that you think might work.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Ray H.
Maintenance Mgr.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say "Thank you" for the dedicated service you have provided us this year. Especially with the resent hose issues that we’ve had, your effort to gather MSDS’s and find the appropriate hose for all our chemical needs will eliminate improper usage in the future.

Patti D.
Purchasing Manager

We view your appointment to our facility as a positive move by CFP. It shows that they view us as an important customer who deserves the best field support possible. We have all been pleased with your attitude and the progress you have made so far. I have heard good feedback from the I&E Dept. about your willingness to help them. We look forward to a long, successful relationship!

Cindy J.
Hey Bill, Thanks for identifying our pump!  Mystery solved.  That's DEFINITELY it.  Well done!

Maintenance Manager

Thank you so very much for the quick response and help locating the seal kits. Wish there were more customer service people like you and Janet.

Thanks again,

Mike G.
Maint. Dept. Purchasing
Hey Bill,

Everything sounds good, including our pump.

Everyone was satisfied and impressed by the professionalism of the install.

Thanks again.

Mark W.
Lead Engineer
Rand and John,

Thank you for all of your support as we work to improve the pump reliability at our facility. Your technical expertise has been a huge help to us as we work to leverage technology, educate our employees, and standardize pump installations. Finding new applications for us to use the Ansimag pumps will certainly pay off in improved safety and reliability. We look forward to continuing to work with you as we make strides in this program.

Cheryl H.
Corporate Reliability Manager

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that your pump specialist, Brent, is top notch. I had a real contrast the past few days dealing with another local pump company.. I call your man and he is a real pro and you can tell he is on top of his game!

Joe T.
Sales Engineer

Thanks for all your help in bringing us back on-line. Terry was here overnight, field service supervising our personnel in changing out the Sundyne LMV 311 pump.

Jeff H.
Maintenance Manager
Hey Ron..

Just wanted to let you know how much Debi and yourself bailed me out during shutdown.. Thank you for taking the time to double check with the field guys on exactly what I was needing.. I was hit with several orders that were needed next day and Debi really came through for me and made it happen!! The list of material I gave her was not your everyday items. She definetly deserves a pat on the back!!.. You two made my job during such a busy time a lot easier.. Thanks to Debi, yourself and everyone else at Corrosion for all your help!!

Eric S.
ICI National Acct. Manager
I just wanted to let you know that Debi has done an amazing job and I owe her big time. From getting spools and fittings out the door late in the day to changing an order 26 times and counting, she has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Let her know I said thanks.

Matthew W.
Industrial P.V.F.
Hi Jason,

I wanted to take the opportunity to praise one of your employees. I have worked all day with Scott on getting an order here for us tomorrow. There have been several phone calls and emails exchanged. Also several changes to the original request. Scott handled every one of my needs without a problem, in a very professional manner and managed to round up everything we need for delivery tomorrow. He did a great job and I wanted you to know!


Thanks for the assistance with our shutdown. As always, your first rate service is greatly appreciated.


Kevin M.
Maintenance Manager

You deserve an award for customer service.

I appreciate your work and your attitude.

Very Sincerely,

Cary S.
Project Manager
Thank you for your help, you guys have been great! I hope that you know how much that Lacey and I appreciate everything that you do for us.

Thank you again,

Ryan G.
Site Services Material Coordinator

Thanks for the service you provided on Sunday. Your help during off hours / weekends is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ed

Edward C.
Facility Services
Andrea and Jim,

I wanted to follow up with you again to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts in expediting our order on Tuesday. These parts are not normally stocked in house and with your help we avoided close to 13 hours of process down time. I want to thank you again for your assistance in getting us back on track.

Mike A.
Plant Maintenance Manager

You and Gary did a great job. We've had no problems and the pumps are running good.

Thanks for all the help.

Al Y.
Project Manager

It's always a pleasure doing business with Corrosion. Andrea Pink and Jim Lima have been most helpful and supportive during the entire project.

James R.
Engineering Manager
Dear Ron,

We wanted to provide a letter of thanks for all of your assistance in supplying the necessary parts and equipment needed to help our customer. This customer was located just miles from the epicenter of the devastating earthquake that occured on February 27, 2010. As the only chlor-alkali facility in the country, they are the primary source or chlorine, caustic soda, and other chlorine derivative products, including bleach, used for water treatment and disinfection in the country.

You were instrumental in allowing us to complete and ship in 8 weeks (a week and a half ahead of the promised delivery date). This type of project would normally have taken about 24 weeks to complete!

We appreciate the relationship we have developed with Corrosion Fluid Products and THANK YOU again for all you did to help us with this project.

Duane P.

Thanks so much for always coming thru for us! You guys never let us down!

Lacey S.
Turnaround Material Coordinator
I appreciate all your time and all your efforts that you always put forth on behalf of myself and our company - thank you, Leah!

Fran P.
A/R Department

We received the oiler yesterday. Thank you for the quick response. It will enable us to ship on time.


Joseph Z.
Manager, Packaging Solutions Engineering Elliott Co.
Hi Paula;

Thank you for all your hard work that you & Janet did for me this 2009 year . Hopefully, we can continue our journey in 2010

Jerry R.
Vice President
Regardless of what direction my end users decide to go in, this has been excellent work by you, Paula.
Great Customer Service from Corrosion Fluid Products.


Rob A.
Sr. Inventory Analyst


I wanted to thank you for all your help with my pump. You and Corrosion saved me about $3500.00. You got my pump working fine and you were a pleasure to talk to. I have been telling all my printer buddies about you so when their pumps go they have somewhere local to turn to. Thanks again and I hope to talk to you again soon.

Mike H.


From our vendor feedback form, here are some good words for you, Andrea, and Corrosion Fluid Products:

Corrosion is outstanding in expertise and rushing items and resolving my users' problems.

Corrosion has a very knowledgeable staff that understands our business needs.

Jim Lima is responsive to fermentation requests and expedites deliveries when necessary. Very good, quality service.

Jim and Andrea are my most valuable resource amongst vendors! If I were to use them as the standard of how things should be done (rating a 10) then the closest vendor I have would be a 6. Thanks so much for your knowledge, experience, and willingness to go the extra mile. The amount of time you save me, and my customers, is invaluable. THANK YOU!

Corrosion has been a great resource for technical help for a long time. They are always there when you call and will come to the location at any time you need them. They are always responsive to our needs.

Patrick K.
Manager of Purchasing


Thanks for all your help on our teflon-lined pipe spool order. You guys are the best!!

Lacey S.
Turnaround Material Coordinator


..We love calling CFPC because you are always pleasant and make our jobs much easier.
Thank you Paula.

I love dealing with vendors that are as helpful as you have been. Have a great day!

Jennifer Z.
Inside Sales


I have told you before - but it's worth repeating - You are the BEST!

Thank you!

Fran P.
A/R Department

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the superior service we receive at our company.

Over the past several years I have worked with Jim Rogers, in several different capacities…..I have used his services as a Manufacturing Manager, and now as a Process Engineer. He has always treated me like his most important customer. Jim is always available and also very knowledgeable of our needs. I can’t express how important it is to have a vendor you can trust when you are in crisis mode and need the right parts delivered quickly. JR’s flexibility has been instrumental in our continued success.

Matt D.
Process Engineer


You are awesome! Thanks to your help, we're back on track!

Thanks, and I wish all my reps were like you!

Randy K.
Rotating Equipment Specialist


Gary Rhode did a great job with our pump repair. He was efficient, knowledgeable, and represented CFPC very well. Good job.

Gary G.
Generator Supervisor

I would like to thank Corrosion Fluid Products for having employees like Barry Williams. He has been a great help to me and my plant.

Roger L.
Maintenance Supervisor

Scott and Brent,

It's a pleasure for us to say thank you to you and Corrosion for helping us out during the equipment break down. We also appreciated the timely manner in which the work was done. We will continue to use Corrosion for all pump maintenance issues in the future. Once again, thank you for your help.

Billy B.
Finishing Technology

This has been excellent work by you, Paula.

Great Customer Service from Corrosion Fluid Products!

Rob A.
Sr. Inventory Analyst


Again, your assistance is greatly appreciated. All of you make my job that much more enjoyable. But it's not my tasks that I perform that make my job, it's the great people that I have contact with. Thanks to all of you again.

Best Regards,
Suzanne B.
Credit Analyst


I just wanted to say thanks again for the quick response to our emergency yesterday. As always, when I am in a bind you come to the rescue.

Please know how much I appreciate your fast and thorough service to us. Believe me, it is hard to find these days!

Thanks again for the help.

Timothy G.
Maintenance Manager

Ted & Daryl,

Thanks for your help with the hoses, you really bailed us out when we needed it. Your services are greatly appreciated.

Alan C.


Thanks for your quick response ... excellent customer service!


Edward S.
Inside Sales

Shayla and Keith,

Thank you very much, and as always, you are both prime examples of excellence in motion.


Tom S.
Purchasing Analyst

Dear Jim & Andrea,

Thank you for your quick response in providing these budgetary quotations, I truly appreciate your responsiveness! As always, it's a pleasure working with you!

Jim R.
Engineering Manager


I just wanted to quickly tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work you did for me. You went the extra mile and found a way for this pump to get done. I look forward to working with you and your great attitude again.

From myself, and everyone at our facility.

Thank you

David M.
Service Manager


You are by far my hero; I appreciate it very much that you went out of your way to get the info we needed. Hopefully I can return the favor. Have a great day!!!


Tracey B.


I would like to take this time to thank you for your help in ordering the correct parts for the Worthington condensate pumps, plus your experience in rebuilding them, which most sales persons lack. We're also greatful for your prompt, timely arrival when we need you to resolve any problems that we have incurred.

Thanks again.

David L.
Construction / Facilities Pipe Fitter Leader

My plant has begun to standardize on Ansimag sealless pumps in part due to the excellent service provided by Corrosion's John Pesek. John is always willing and able to come in with little to no warning to service our equipment. He has a vast knowledge of Corrosion's product line and always has the necessary parts to complete repairs quickly. Easily the best pump repair service I've experienced!

Randy K.
Rotating Equipment Specialist

Jim Rogers (JR) has been instrumental in helping me learn the maintenance techniques to save money and improve our maintenance reliability. He is knowledgeable on the product lines Corrosion represents and of the processes at our site. Even with our demanding needs at times he always makes us feel as the only customer he has at that given time. JR has definitely promoted teamwork and strengthens the partnership between Corrosion and our company.

Patti D.

Thanks again to Ted and Big Mike for getting our pump installed in such quick order.

Charles B.


I just wanted to let you know the great service I have received again from Craig. His attention to detail has saved me considerable time and wasted bin space while adding a considerable amount of inventory.

Charlie P.

Ralph and Paula,

We are in good shape this morning. Scott was able to take care of the issue yesterday. I appreciate your assistance in hooking us up with someone who could help us out so quickly.

John N.
Senior Director


Last year [we] purchased a large quantity of lined pipe and accessories from your company which was part of a new process equipment installation... The project all came together largely due to the efforts of Connie Seiler. Her technical expertise coupled with positive attitude made my job much easier.

I also found it necessary to work with your company's accounts receivable department. I was put in touch with Jennifer Slupski and she graciously provided me with copies of invoices or just about anything else I required to meet our obligation.

Please convey my thanks to Connie and Jennifer for helping make our project finish on time.

David W.

Tom and Roger,

We are not used to using these types of materials, but the information Tom provided was instrumental in the changes we have made...
... Thank you for the information and it is nice to find vendors who are willing to solve the problems instead of making you figure it out on your own.

Terry R.
Production Manager

One of the best moves Corrosion could have done was to add the Ansimag pump line to their diversified mix of quality equipment, parts, and services. Not only Rand Hoffman in sales, but you John have always been there for us. I have called you at whatever time of the day, early or late, and our emergencies were always taken care of. Our company is production-driven and down time with our production, transfer, or supply pumps is detrimental to our operation.

You deserve more than just a Thank You! Your personal efforts and dedicated service are duly noted by all in Engineering and Maintenance. A big Kudos to Corrosion Fluid Products.

Patrick M.
Stationary Engineer


Thanks for clearing up the confusion with the repair kits dropped shipped from the manufacturer.
The attention you pay to our account is much appreciated.


Larry S.
Global Procurement - Downstream

Max, Andrea, and Jim,

I want to thank you for getting me the part I needed. I was able to install it before I went home and it worked out just right. You all are the best.

Mark R.

...Despite the extremely aggressive schedule for this project, the materials and the work was done with the quality and reliability that we have come to expect and appreciate from Corrosion Fluid Products. We look forward to continued success in our business relationship and of course recommend Corrosion Fluid Products to any user of their goods and services for successful operations and maintenance.

Timothy K. PE
Production Supervisor

Thank you for responding so quickly...
...Thanks for all the excellent service you guys at Corrosion Fluid Products have provided us in the past, present, and future.

Best regards,
Bill H.


Steve and I would like to take the time to tell you how much we appreciate the service in regards to our recent first time order with Corrision Fluid Products.

Debi Miller was the Inside Sales person handling our order. She was very knowledgeable and very efficient in handling our order.

As a result of her excellent customer service, we intend to continue doing business with Corrosion Fluid Products.

Thank you for your time,

Steve O.
Joan B.