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Smart Conveying Technology by Seepex

Speed Up
"Smart Conveying Technology" is the next logical development after "Smart Stator Technology". By separating the stator into two halves, Seepex radically optimized pumping technology.

Since it was launched, this globally patent pending innovation has been successfully installed in thousands of pump installations. Now it is also possible to replace the rotor in just a few easy steps requiring minimal time. "Smart Conveying Technology" provides the fastest possible maintenance times for your pump. Assembling and dismantling seepex pumps has never been easier, and the lifecycle costs of Seepex pumping solutions have never been lower.

Progressive cavity pumps with "Smart Conveying Technology" no longer have to be removed from the installation for maintenance. Dismantling and reassembly of piping and the removal of other equipment components are eliminated. Due to the integrated retensioning device, a simple readjustment of the stator increases the service life of stator and rotor essentially. With "Smart Conveying Technology" speed and extended service life work together in perfect harmony.

Smart means...
• The design of "Smart Conveying Technology" allows the stator to be re-adjusted giving longer stator and rotor life compared to conventional designs

• Quick and easy maintenance: Huge reductions in time and effort required to replace worn components. No need to remove the discharge pipe work, making any mis-alignment of existing installed pipework no longer an issue

• Low life cycle costs (short assembly times, short maintenance downtime, reduced costs for spare parts, savings in storage and transport costs)

• Smaller footprint: Less space is required for installation as no stator removal distance needs to be built into the original design plans

• Easy handling during maintenance due to lighter components

•Eco friendly: As the stator is not bonded to a tube only the rubber components are replaced when worn, making them acceptable to recycling costs

Seepex Smart Conveying Technology

SCT Vs. Other PC Pumps

Standard Stator Removal