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Smart Conveying Technology

Speed Up
"Smart Conveying Technology" is the next logical development after "Smart Stator Technology". By separating the stator into two halves, Seepex radically optimized pumping technology.

Since it was launched, this globally patent pending innovation has been successfully installed in thousands of pump installations. Now it is also possible to replace the rotor in just a few easy steps requiring minimal time. "Smart Conveying Technology" provides the fastest possible maintenance times for your pump. Assembling and dismantling seepex pumps has never been easier, and the lifecycle costs of Seepex pumping solutions have never been lower.

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Seepex manufactures and globally markets progressive cavity pumps (PC pumps) for delivering low to highly-viscous, aggressive and abrasive media.

For more than 30 years, Seepex has has been offering customers in the chemical, food, paper, petroleum and gas as well as environmental engineering industries and numerous other industries optimum economical problem solutions based on low life-cycle costs.

Standard Pumps - Group N

The standard: basis for the rest
Product group N is the "mother" of all Seepex progressive cavity pumps.
All the other Seepex pumps are based on this standard pump.
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Open Hopper Pumps - Group T

When the going gets tough
Pumps with feed hopper and an auger feed screw Even when the medium no longer flows – these pumps are cut out for pumping highly-viscous to semifluid products.
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Dosing Pumps - Group D

Designed for precision
Pumps for dosing small fluid rates.
Low-pulsation and thus pre-eminently suited for high dosing accuracy.
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Food Grade Pumps - Group CS

Easy to clean
Pumps for use in industries that require the highest degree of sterilization, hygiene and rapid cleaning.
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Semi-Submersible Pumps - Group E

Efficient utilization of space
Have full containers, basins or drums?
The vertical Seepex semi-submersible pump helps you drain everything rapidly.
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Wobble Pumps - Group W

Less is more
Pumps of product group W can be used in almost all industries.
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Macerators - Group M

Big problems cut down in size
Even coarse solids can be macerated and then pumped with Seepex pumps without problems.
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Control Systems - Group CO

Control systems are available for a large number of control and monitoring functions with standardized components. In addition, Seepex holds a strong position by developing customised solutions and implementing individual requirements.
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