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Sealing Solutions: Pump Mechanical Seals & Pump Packing

Pump Mechanical Seals from Flowserve & AESSEAL®

Corrosion Fluid Products proudly represents Flowserve Flow Solutions Division (Seal Group), offering a diverse selection of mechanical seals for any industry or application.

Serving customers for over 80 years, the Flowserve family of Mechanical Pump Seals includes Durametallic, Five Star, Borg Warner, Pacific-Weitz and Pac-Seal. These trusted mechanical seal brands provide you with a well balanced range of high quality products and services to satisfy all your sealing requirements.

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Download Flowserve Flow Solutions Division Mechanical Seal PDF Brochure

Standard Cartridge Mechanical Pump Seals
Bellows Mechanical Pump Seals
Pusher Mechanical Pump Seals
Slurry Mechanical Pump Seals
Lift-off & Dry Running Mechanical Pump Seals


AESSEAL® is one of the major specialists in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals and support systems. Mechanical seals are used in pumps and rotating equipment to prevent liquids and gases from escaping into the environment.

Growth in excess of 25% per year has allowed AESSEAL® to become the only major international new entrant to the mechanical seals industry in the last twenty years. The current range of products is also expanding to cover new markets and niches. Continued improvement of existing products and design excellence help them achieve superior product performance.

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Cartridge Mechanical Seals
Component Seals
Bearing Protection
Gas Seals
Seal Support Systems
Pump Packing

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Pump Packing from New England Braiding Company, Inc. (NEBCO)

Click Here to Request a Quote or More Information In addition to packing options from the pump manufacturers we carry, Corrosion Fluid Products proudly carries New England Braiding Company, Inc. (NEBCO) Anti-Keystone® Pump Packing.

This exclusive patented interlocking braid design routinely out performs competitor pump packings of similar material, and results in lower operational costs, lower energy consumption, and longer pump packing life.

More Information on New England Braiding (NEBCO) Pump Packing

New England Braiding Company, Inc. (NEBCO) Pump Packing Website