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Lined Steel & Fiberglass Pipe Fabrication
Our inventories of lined steel pipe, as well as fiberglass piping and fittings are second to none. If we receive an order by 1:00 PM, that order will be filed and started on before the days end. That's the Competence and Speed we live up to, and that's the standard we operate by everyday!

We will do our best to meet your needs and give you quality service. Cut spools filled the same day? Absolutely! We back every product we sell and provide technical assistance and service!

Call us now to place an order:

Michigan (Farmington)
Tel: 248.478.0100
Illinois (Romeoville)
Tel: 630.226.1200
Michigan (Midland)
Tel: 989.496.2600
Tel: 330.497.2800

(Above) Fiberglass Piping Special Fabrication
8 Inch Green Thread Smith Fibercast Pipe, with 90's, Tees, Molded Flanges and Blind Flanges

Teflon-Lined Piping Fabrication of Special Configuration, Special Order

(Above) Lined Piping Special Fabrication
All types of special configured pipe and fittings can be plastic-lined.

(Above) Lined Piping Fabrication

Pipe and Fittings Inventory
Corrosion Fluid Products has represented the premier manufacturers of lined pipe and fiberglass piping for over 40 years. Our quality of product and reputation will provide peace of mind when you are transferring corrosive liquids in your plant. Safety of your plant personnel are first and foremost when we recommend and provide our equipment to your site.

Corrosion Fluid Products has the most extensive stock of any specialty pipe supplier in the Midwest, with capabilities to fabricate lined pipe spools within hours of receiving your order up to 8 inch diameters. With Conrac machines in many of our facilities, we are able to flare steel pipe to provide free floating flanges for easy flange alignment.

Our fiberglass fabrication ability allows for quick installation of special pipe configurations. Fittings, gaskets, and adhesives are available for immediate shipment.


FRP Fiberglass (Composite) Pipe

Fiber Glass Systems' Smith Fibercast piping employs a variety of epoxy and vinyl ester resins and, where necessary, corrosion barriers to achieve the optimum performance characteristics for virtually any application. Our broad range of temperature and pressure capabilities allows us to best match fiberglass pipe to the requirements of your specific application.

Benefits include: Strength Capability, Light Weight, Easy Fabrication/Installation, Corrosion/Chemical Resistant Exterior, High Flow Rates, Low Energy Consumption

Product Range: Corrosion Fluid Products carries CENTRICAST® Epoxy Pipe ranging from RB-2530, RB-1520, Z-CORE®, GREEN THREAD® to RED THREAD® II. We also have CENTRICAST® PLUS Vinyl Ester Pipe ranging from CL-2030, CL-1520, CHEM THREAD® to F-CHEM®.


Plastic-Lined Steel Pipe

The right piping system is needed when handling acids, corrosives, or hazardous materials. Plastic lined pipe combines the best of both common piping systems, metallic and nonmetallic piping, into one. We can quickly furnish any fitting configuration and pipe pressure rating you may need for your process. Our plastic-lined pipe systems provide the chemical resistance of plastics, fluoropolymers, and the inherent strength of steel piping systems.

Product Range: Corrosion Fluid Products carries polypropylene, Kynar and PTFE-lined pipe. We have Resistoflex Thermalok steel pipe with PTFE liner, Swaged Pipe steel tubing which is mechanically reduced around the plastic liner and Conquest Pipe, designed to minimize the number of flanged connections in the process line.


Solid Plastic PVDF Pipe and Fittings

Chemtrol Solid PVDF is a strong, tough, and abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon material. It resists distortion and retains most of its strength to 280°F. It is chemically resistant to most acids, bases, and organic solvents and is ideally suited for handling wet or dry chlorine, bromine and other halogens.


Piping Gaskets and Accessories

We proudly carry PureFlex Task-Line TFE-lined piping gaskets, lined paddles, and lined pipe blockers. We also handle Ramco Shields that resist hazardous or toxic chemicals, Fike Rupture disks, and many types of corrosion-resistant gaskets like TFE/EPDM/Neoprene Gaskets.


Lined Strainers

The ETHYLENE T-Line Strainer™ delivers maximum flow and chemical resistance while protecting your downstream equipment from the catastrophic damage of in-line piping debris. The strainer housing is lined with ETFE (standard) or PFA (optional) and the basket is solid PTFE. T-Line Pipe Strainers™ are rated at 150 psi, available in sizes 2" to 8" and can operate continuously up to 400ºF.