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Environmentally-Friendly "Green" Products- Pumps, Piping & More
Corrosion Fluid Products carries a full line of environmentally-friendly sealless pumps.

Pump packing and mechanical seals leak harmful chemicals into the environment and your facilities. Sealless design is important when it comes to environmentally-friendly, easy-maintenance pumping equipment. Sealless Pumps have no packing or mechanical seals in their stuffing boxes. Corrosion Fluid Products has the broadest range of sizes, temperature capabilities, and material make-up of any Midwest sealless pump supplier. With no leaks or emissions, you save flush water, you save valuable product, and you save on maintenance costs.

Smith Fibercast® Fiberglass Piping In Stock, Ready to Ship

Pipe flanges also leak. Flangeless piping systems have no bolts or gaskets to contend with, and they are safe for the environment since they eliminate fugitive emissions. Corrosion Fluid Products provides flangeless Fiberglass Piping Systems that are corrosion-resistant, maintenance free, and provide long service life.

Plastic-Lined Piping Systems, Fabricated Within Hours

Process piping systems with corrosion-resistant PTFE, PVDF (Kynar), and Polypropylene liners are cost-effective alternatives to expensive alloy materials. Count on Corrosion Fluid Products to fabricate Plastic-Lined Pipe within hours of receiving your order, up to 8" diameters.

Call us to see how we can provide sealless pumps and flangeless piping systems to help contribute to the greening of the environment.

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