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Globe Valves, Parts & Repairs Supplied by Corrosion Fluid Products Corp.
Globe Valves, Parts & Repairs from Gemu, Asahi, & More
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Click Here to Request a Quote or More Information Corrosion Fluid Products Corp. has demonstrated its expertise for years in Chemical-Resistant Globe Valves and Actuated Valve Packages. We keep a large inventory of Other Valves, Valve Actuators, Positioners, Limit Switches and other Components in stock, ready to assemble and ship. We perform thousands of Valve Automation Assemblies every year. Our ten branches provide networking leverage to get your Valve Automation Packages at lightning speed!

We supply and service Globe Valves & Actuated Valve Packages in Michigan (MI), Ohio (OH), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Pennsylvania (PA), Iowa (IA), Kentucky (KY), West Virginia (WV), Tennessee (TN) and surrounding states.

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Gemu Metal Body Globe Valves

Gemu Globe Valves offer high flow capability due to angle seat and are suitable for extreme operating temperatures. They also offer a reduced risk of injury at high operating temperatures due to hand wheel made of temperature resistant plastic for the manual operation design. These valves are available as manually controlled or pneumatically controlled.

Typical Applications:
  • Water treatment
  • Installation construction
  • Irrigation systems
  • Inert and corrosive liquids and gases
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Availability: MI, IA, IL, IN, OH, WI

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Kitz Gate Valves

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Kitz Stainless Steel & High Alloy Globe Valves
Also Available in Bronze, Brass and Iron Construction

KITZ valves are produced in models, styles and composition to meet virtually any requirement or condition. The KITZ product line includes an extensive variety of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball and Actuation valves, characterized by unsurpassed corrosion-resistant service and reliability, providing users with the lowest cost and longest life-cycle performance in the industry.

KITZ stainless steel and high alloy globe valves are utilized widely throughout the world in various industries: chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and a multitude of other industrial-product and processing plants. These superior valves are used in industry when bronze, brass, cast iron and carbon steel cannot withstand highly corrosive media or atmosphere.

The Federal Clean Air Act was dramatically amended in 1990, to conform to the new environmental protection policy of a 95% reduction in fugitive emission or leak levels of toxic gases and chemicals from plant equipment. Promulgated in April, 1994, the new law requires all plants handling the toxic gas specified by the Environmental Protection Agency, to periodically monitor their plant equipment for detection of leaks exceeding 500 ppm, and repair or replace all defective parts immediately. KITZ valves are designed, engineered, manufactured and tested to meet the California 100 ppm maximum emission level.

Every component of KITZ stainless and high alloy steel valves is subjected to 100% pressure tests, according to API 598 or BS 6755 Part 1 requirements. Manufacturer’s test reports and inspection certificates are available on your request. Each KITZ valve is guaranteed for 12 months after placement in service, but not exceeding 18 months after shipment.

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Crane Gate & Globe Valves

Crane Multi-Turn gate and globe valves are used for isolation (on-off) service and flow regulation. Solutions include gate valves and globe valves made from bronze, cast iron, cast steel, and alloy steel. Sizes to 36" (DN900) and pressure classes to 3500 in pressure seal bonnet designs. Soldered end, threaded end, socket weld end, butt-weld end and flanged end configurations are available.

Click on a gate & globe valve category below for more information:

Cast Steel Valves

Gate and Globe valves made from Carbon or Alloy Steel

Bronze Valves

Bronze Gate, Globe and Angle Valves
Cast Iron Valves

Cast Iron Valves

Cast Iron Gate and Globe Valves
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Asahi Thermoplastic Globe Valves

Asahi Globe Valves are designed for efficient throttling of flow. They offer excellent flow regulating characteristics throughout the entire lift of the disc. They also offer positive shut off, and all sizes are rated for full vacuum. End connections are threaded, flanged, or socket and offer EPDM or Viton seats.

These valves are available as electrically or pneumatically controlled, as well as manually controlled.

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Availability: IL, WI

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