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Explosion Protection Products From Fike, Supplied by Corrosion Fluid Products

Fike Explosion Protection Products

Corrosion Fluid Products is proud to represent a full line of Fike explosion protection products. Fike features a full line of explosion protection solutions including ATEX certified explosion vents, flameless explosion venting, explosion suppression systems, explosion isolation systems, and explosion detectors.

Fike maintains a state-of-the-art explosion testing facility to test materials in accordance with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ISO (International Standards Organization) procedures to ensure the best solution for your need.

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Availability: MI, IL, IN, OH, IA, PA, WV, KY
Fike Explosion Suppression Systems

Fike Explosion Suppression Systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages-before an explosion can cause a disaster or become catastrophic. While unsuppressed explosion pressures reach dangerous levels in less than 50 milliseconds, Fike's unique technology can detect and respond before the combustion can become an explosion.

Additionally, a Fike Explosion Suppression system reduces the propagation of any flames to other process equipment. Patented container and nozzle designs minimize flow restrictions, helping extinguish the explosion faster and minimizing pressure build-up inside the process equipment. The suppression container has no moving parts or wear points, increasing the reliability of your Fike explosion suppression system.

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Availability: MI, IL, IN, OH, IA, PA, WV, KY

Fike Explosion Vents

Fike is a leader in the development of effective, cost-efficient, ATEX certified explosion venting solutions. Explosion venting, one of the most common and effective forms of passive explosion protection, provides overpressure protection from potential industrial explosion hazards by providing a planned pathway for the expanding gases to escape. Isolation damage to industrial equipment subjected to explosions can be controlled through use of Fike's virtually maintenance-free explosion vents.

In situations that include a duct leading back into a plant or between vessels, Explosion Isolation should be part of the overall treatment system.

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Active vs Passive (Venting) Explosion Protection

Availability: MI, IL, IN, OH, IA, PA, WV, KY
Fike Explosion Isolation Systems
Preventing Secondary Explosions and Fire

Fike's proven Explosion Isolation systems prevent the propagation of flame from one part of the process to another through the use of fast-acting explosion isolation valves and/or chemical barriers.

Mechanical Explosion Isolation involves the use of uniquely designed mechanical valves which provide an actual physical barrier. Designed to close within milliseconds of detecting an explosion, Fike's isolation valves prevent the spread of flames and pressure (in both directions).

Chemical Explosion Isolation is achieved through a rapid discharge of a chemical explosion suppressant to prevent the flame from continuing through to other areas of your process system.

Flow Actuated Explosion Isolation Valve- Unlike active explosion barriers, these valves are closed by the force of energy supply, detectors or system controls. The valves are designed to close in milliseconds, providing a mechanical barrier against flame and pressure.

**Effective only in clean air situations, ie. clean air side of dust collector recirculating into plant, and for flammable gas.

Availability: MI, IL, IN, OH, IA, PA, WV, KY