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Clamp & Pinch Valves, Parts & Repairs Supplied by Corrosion Fluid Products
Click Here to Request a Quote or More Information Corrosion Fluid Products Corp. has demonstrated its expertise for years in Chemical-Resistant Clamp & Pinch Valves and Actuated Valve Packages. We keep a large inventory of Other Valves, Valve Actuators, Positioners, Limit Switches and other Components in stock, ready to assemble and ship. We perform thousands of Valve Automation Assemblies every year. Our ten branches provide networking leverage to get your Valve Automation Packages at lightning speed!

We supply and service Clamp & Pinch Valves and Actuated Valve Packages in Michigan (MI), Ohio (OH), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Pennsylvania (PA), Iowa (IA), Kentucky (KY), West Virginia (WV), Tennessee (TN) and surrounding states.

General Rubber Flex-Valve Pinch Valves

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Flex-Valve® Pinch Valves by General Rubber

Flex-Valve by General Rubber is a state of the art line of pinch valves, pressure isolation rings and duck bill check valves. These products are uniquely suited for slurries and other difficult fluids, and can out perform alternative products 10 to 1. They are abrasion and corrosion resistant, non-clogging, maintenance free and can even seal drop tight around solids.

Download Flex-Valve® Pinch Valves by General Rubber PDF Brochure

Features and Benefits:

The Flex-Valve sleeve is self-cleaning due to its unobstructed design and flexing action. Flex-valves will not jam or seize, even with high-percent solids.

Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant:
Flex-Valve’s high-grade elastomer sleeves outperform metal valves in abrasion and corrosion. The sleeve is the only part of the pinch valve exposed to the process fluid, making it a cost-effective alternative to valves constructed of exotic body alloys.

The operating mechanism of the Flex-Valve is isolated from the process fluid, virtually eliminating any wearing or seizing issues. This is also why the torque to close a Flex-Valve remains constant over time, even when the valve has not been exercised.

Seals Drop-Tight Even on Solids:
The thick elastomer tube of the Flex-Valve sleeve forms around entrapped solids and seals drop-tight without damage to the sleeve.

Modulating Service:
The smooth unobstructed sleeve contour minimizes turbulence even when throttled. Reduced port sleeves are available in double wall, hour glass and funnel types to match flow rates and process conditions.

Many Flex-Valve styles have common lengths with Plug, Gate, and Ball Valves, making them ideally suited for retrofit and plant upgrade applications.

Versatile And Modular Construction:
The Flex-Valve design enables the customer to choose the sleeve material and type of valve body construction, as well as any customized actuators and/or controls. Many designs allow the customer to change the actuator type even while the valve is in service.

Cost-Effective Solution:
An optimal design does not necessarily mean higher pressure or temperature ratings, because these features typically increase the product’s cost and maintenance. With a proven track record that dates back to 1950, General Rubber has the experience and is confident that they can develop an optimal and cost effective solution to meet your requirements.Our abrasion and corrosion-resistant materials can outperform even the most exotic metals. Their large inventories and modern U.S. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facility also mean quick deliveries, as well as top quality products and services.

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Availability: MI, IA, IL, IN, WI

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